Tapinti.com was, and will be again, a new type of search engine. Discover, Save, Share was the tagline.  A cross between a recommendation engine such as Amazon’s ‘If you like this then we think you’ll also like this’, and a more social idea. It was also a rather good social bookmarking application. Find what you are looking for and save it for later, like Zootool or Pinterest. It really should have worked too. But it didn’t. So I’ll tell you all about it and why I think it failed and you can all jump in on the comments.

Especially all you Chinese guys selling Louis Vuitton knock offs, I swear my written Mandarin is really coming along.

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Laura Hince Photography

Laura Hince is an up and coming alternative fashion photographer from the Manchester area. Her work is stylish, colourful and in some cases not for viewing at the office. Both her and her work have been featured on several websites and in various printed magazines, even internationally. You can find out more in the bio section of the site, which sits at http://www.laurahincephotography.com

For my part the site is quite simple. HTML and CSS3 with a smattering of jQuery to make the pictures move around. I’ve used transparency to separate the backgrounds from the menu’s and rounded the images in CSS. As far as I can tell it works in just about all the modern browsers. To be honest I don’t much care about the old ones, we’re trying to move on, so anything under IE9 can……..

BP Accounts

BP Accounts is a well respected Manchester based accountancy practice founded in 1944. They provide accountancy services across any and all business sectors and to anyone from a sole trader to a corporation or a charity. They offer friendly service and their office is always open to clients. Check the contact page on the website here for details. http://www.bpaccounts.com

I built this site on the WordPress platform, a first attempt at designing a theme almost from scratch. I used the Blankslate theme as a starter and the Skeleton CSS reset as a grid and then wrote my own CSS for the rest of the site.

Hello Again World

Due to several fairly massive problems with my hosting provider being hacked and or daft, this will be my current website till I rebuild it.

Thanks for your patience if you were linking to anything here. Give me a day and we’ll all be back to normal. I’ll blog the tale later.

A list worth being on.

Betali.st is a website for listing other peoples beta test products and building interest before launch. It’s a fantastic way to find out what is coming out next and what may be the new big thing. I’m on there all the time just to see what other people are building, and there are some clever folk out there in the world.

If you have a startup, like I do (see the upcoming blog post about tapinti.com) sign up and watch as you go from no users to several hundred virtually overnight. That’s what happened with tapinti anyway. These people are engaged in your product already, they want to see new and cool stuff and if you provide it they’ll sign up.

There is a large and ever growing list of video interviews with many of the entrepreneurs who have had their startups featured on Betali.st, this is a mine of information on the do’s and don’t of starting your own online business.

Much like kickstarter though, what I really enjoy the most is just browsing through the list too see what catches my eye. I’ve signed up for quite a few beta’s just because I found a product I want to use, or wish I had thought of. I’d never get invited to any of the trials without Betali.st because I simply wouldn’t know they were there and I would never have discovered gems like Monday Calendar which I now can’t live without.

If you like a good tech story and are an early adopter by nature, then Betali.st is where you should be at least once a week.

Not all Mondays are bad

In fact some Mondays are pretty damn good. Monday Calendar is a to do list and calendar app I’ve been using for a few months as part of it’s beta trial, and I have to say it’s brilliant. I’ve tried out many others over time and had little niggling issues with them, nothing major, most have been great, just not quite what I wanted. Monday Calendar is exactly what I wanted all along. Continue reading Not all Mondays are bad

I started out with nothin’ and I still got most of it left

So… Is it possible to start a business with no start up capital to speak of, little formal business training, only one client and a pile of sheer bloody mindedness? I think most people would have to say no, or at least that if you were thinking of doing it that way then it may be worth thinking again and maybe doing something else instead. I would have to disagree. Continue reading I started out with nothin’ and I still got most of it left